Powerblock Dumbbells?

I'm thinking of buying a set of Powerblock Dumbbells and I'd like to hear what you guys think of them or if anybody has them, etc. So, thoughts?

Are you going to use them?

If so then get them.

They are ideal for guys who are short on space but still want to do some training.

Me personally I'd look into hitting some garage/yard sales and flea markets/swap meets and see about getting a couple of dumbbell handles and some plates.

It'd be a lot cheaper, you'd be able to get a shitload more weight, and you'll be able to do cleans, jerks, snatches, and swings whereas I don't know if you can do explosive lifting with the powerblocks.

Plus if you get some plates and dumbbell handles you can buy a kettle stack or two when you get some extra money and you'll have a plate loadable kettlebell to play with.

It's all in what you will use.

What kind of training do you do now?

What are your goals?

Do you love me?

Do you think I'm pretty?

I'm limited on space right now so I thought this would be the best option as far as ease and space. They also make a bar that's compatible with the DB's so I'm not so much worried about not being able to do cleans, etc.

Does anybody have any experience using Powerblocks that could shed some light on how they perform, etc?

I've had a pair for 7 or 8 years and I love them. Very convenient.

I bought a pair of the 45-pounders in the mid 1980's and have used them regularly since then. I love 'em. They sit on their own stand in a corner of my workout space when I'm not using them.

I've sweated all over them for 20-plus years and there's not even a hint of rust on them. Just wipe them down after using them and they'll last forever.

I used to use them in a rented storage shed gym. They're a bit odd but work as advertised. If there was any space at all in there, we would have gone with regular dbs though.

I have had my set for 12 years. For the money and the space, they are the best. Dr. Evil