Powerbomb/chairshot on Miss Brooks

Best wrestling segment in recent memory!

Eric Young finally stood up to Robert Roode and Miss Brooks. He beat the crap out of Roode and put the powerbomb on that bitch. Unrealistically, she came back and hit the low blow on him.

Roode opened him up with a chair, cuffed him, and was going to hit him again, when Jarrett ran out and took his turn on Roode. He blocked the low blow from Miss Brooks and laid her out with a guitar shot!

Awesome shit!

I agree I thoroughly enjoyed TNA the cruiserweight match was pretty good too.

Damn - sounds like I missed a good show last night.

Did you see Abyss's arms last week after Team Cage messed him up with that barbed wire bat? There was only a split second shot, but it looked like he was gashed up pretty good...

Miss Brooks is nasty hott.

Has she ever done nudie pix? I'd love to see her rack.

"Miss Brooks is nasty hott."

Ask CM Punk about her...apparently she is a ring rat

"Did you see Abyss's arms last week after Team Cage messed him up with that barbed wire bat?"

Yeah, that gash made me cringe.

A pretty solid show IMO.

Black Machismo cracks me up!

I was wondering last night if Macho Man could sue him?

BTW, I don't know why I typed "chairshot" in the title. I just now noticed. Doh!


Miss (Traci) Brooks is on the left, SoCalVal is on the right:

<img src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y28/ShawnC34/traciandval.jpg">

For the mud


vid of this???

You can see Jarrett smash her with the guitar at the beginning of this video. Sorry, don't have the whole "match". :(


Miss Brooks is hot. Why is WWE wasting time with "Divas" who can't work, when there are chicks like Brooks or Gail Kim in TNA?

nice pic

She looks a lot thicker on TV than in that pic I reckon.