ppl who sell bad gas

i hate these ppl. there is a place around town that sells gas for a12 cents cheaper the next cheapest place. i should have know n taht it wasnt any good. my car started runnin like crap and a guy i know told me that his was doin the same thing and he took it ot a shop and they guy said it was bad gas. he and i both buy exclusivley from the same station. something should be done about these ppl.

something can be done. just call the state agency that oversees gas dealers.

they have a car that has an extra tank in the trunk. they act on the DL and pump it into this tank, then measure it for stuff.


hmm, i will have to try that. it pisses me off bc i just got done with my engine and it started actin up and it scared me bc i spent $3500 on it. now that may not be a whole lot but for me it is. i am only 20 and already have bills to pay. stupid college loans.

Did new gas take care of the miss you were mentioning in the other post?

yeah. i took the car to a shop and he ran the car through some stuff and it smoked real bad while he was doin it but afterwards it stopped. he cleaned out the whole system and put some stuff in the tank to evaporate the water. put some shell v power in it and it runs fine now.

He probably threw some gm top cleaner or something similar in the motor... Probably just to make sure there wasn't any major fouling or anything. Smokes real bad until it clears out... Well, at least it's good that there wasn't anything seriously wrong with it. Anyone in your area that can do a good dyno tune on your car?

formula, no there arent any places that can dyno the engine. i wish there was. the only place around here is dynotechbut they only do the engine out of the car. they dont have chassis dynos.

my car started acting weird recently too and the last thing i remember doing differently is buying gas from a seemingly shitty place. I didn't know bad gas could be so damaging.

What can bad gas really do? and can those problems be reversed somehow (without taking it to a mechanic)?

Gas that is "dirty" does a lot of bad things. First, water isn't combustible nor can it be compressed. If you were to dump straight water into the intake while the motor was running the result would be carnage in your engine. Since water can't be compressed it would be like lowering the height of the head enough that the piston would smack into it. Then bad things happen like broken rods, a cracked crank, etc.

In smaller amounts, it lowers the overall octane level of the fuel and throws your tune all out of whack. Imagine buying 14 gallons of 91 octane with 1 gallon of water. You just bought yourself 15 gallons of expensive 85 octane fuel. Also, since water and fuel don't mix, you'll get big "blobs" of water (that's the scientific term ;)) going into the motor at once. Some people have water injections on their cars, but the amount of water being sprayed into the intake is relatively minute and just enough to decrease the air charge temperature in the intake through evaporation. You don't get any such benefit when the water is sprayed directly into the cylinder by the injector in a much higher concentration.

The best way to get rid of water in the tank is to drain it and fill up with new fuel. The second best way is to go to the auto parts store and get some gas dryer and dump it in the tank and just ride it out till you need to refill.