Ppv points? Robbie/Rory and Conor/Chad???

I am curious as to how the pay is structured for the co-main and main event fighters.


Do fighters have contracts on the lower level that still have ppv stipulations if they ever have to main event?


Is Robbie and Rory losing money by having Co-Main event status instead of Main event?

Are they benefiting and getting more money by being co-main but being on a ppv that is exected to have very high numbers?


How do fighters negotiate stuff like this?  Do they have bargaining power?  


Do fighters get to negotiate their ppv part of their contracts before they are announced to headline a ppv card, or is this done beforehand and whatever stipulations they sign on, it's UFC's disgression as to who main events and who co-main events?




Basically I am mad at Ariel Helwani for not stirring shit up like he's always accused of doing!  McGregor has been boasting how it's the Conor McGregor show and I find that offensive to proven fighters, proven BIGGER fighters who could kick Conor's ass.  I wanted Ariel to ask Robbie/Rory if their ppv pay was affected by being co-main.

I'd be curious to hear an informed viewpoint, but based on Robbie's response to the question of whether he cares about playing second fiddle, I'd guess that it's either

a. not affecting his bottom line at all; or

b. improving it, possibly dramatically.

Im told that all champions and most challengers get a cut of the ppv money

Anyone else care to chime in?

If they each got a dollar per ppv the main and co-main are all doing better thanks to the McGregor-Aldo hype.
It's probably more. Phone Post 3.0