Practical diet for lifting?

I am currently trying to lose about 10-15lbs of fat and gain as much in muscle. Unfortunately, I am currently working very long hours (6AM - 6PM Mon to Fri). As a result, I don't really have time to prepare ideal meals but I would like to eat as well as I can.

Sandwiches are a staple of my diet as they are easy to make and take to work. My question is this - if I want to build mass and lose fat, should I reduce the amount of bread used and increase the amount of protein? I think that makes sense, but I am not sure how important caloric intake is to the body in regard to gaining muscle mass. If I cut the carbs too low, will it serve to emaciate me, or will the added protein counter balance this?

Thanks in advance.


what's your exercise program?

Nothing specific - press ups/chin/sits ups once or twice a week, weights once or twice a week. I do what I can when I have the energy, but I am exhausted a lot. I am worried that if I cut carbs I'll end up making myself MORE tired. I guess I'll try and skip the carbs on my last meal of the day, so energy isn't lost.

The laste few lbs to lose are to add in more intense cardio.  Sprint intervals or long drawn out few mile running.  Your choice.

Losing lbs of fat and adding muscle mass is hard to do.  Some find it hard to do one let alone BOTH at the same time.

I always tell people to go 100% in to one then do the other later.

Eat lots of crap and gain to the right size you want to be then CUT later and add in more cardio and refine the diet.  Otherwise people tend to not do EITHER well, and get discouraged.

Me I gain weight when I want.   Just step up the eating.

Exercise wise if your not doing squats and deadlifts your missing out a lot imo.  GOT TO DO THEM TO BULK period.  Will really help to kick start your metabolism and size gains through leg work.



Thanks for the advice.

I am one of thos guys like Igor Vov. - quite big built, gain muscle very easily, but I always carry a few extra pounds of fat. I'll try adding running at the weekends (when I am not working) and see if it helps.

Just have to hit the sprint intervals hard.  Then you will lost the fat.


My advice would be to make food on the weekend and freeze it. I know lots of people that make 20 pounds of stir fry and eat it all week. You could go w/ stir fry, chili, anything that freezes well.

I agree on the bulk or cut thing. You should get better results in the same time frame if you focus on one, then the other.

Adding more protein could be an option, what is your current diet like?

Alternate 20 rep squats, deads, cleans and snatches with the same in 3x3. 2 weeks cycles. Count calories the first week, then it should be instinct.

ChemicalSage - My diet is neither great nor terrible. I try to cut out confectionary, I eat lots of eggs, ham and salad, turkey etc and some fruit. I am also trying to cut out all dairy as it's fattening, and I have a very mild allergy to it. I'm cutting calories too and replacing it with vegetables/fruit in order to fill my stomach. Freezing down meals is a posibility, but taking them to work and heating them there is too much of a problem I think.

Martil_shadow - I'm not sure I understand... 20 reps of each exercise, 3 times each 3 times a week?

No microwave at work? That's too bad. I'll have to look for some recipies that don't need to be heated.