Practical Self Defense

I have been reading all I can about SBG philosophy and aliveness. My question is does SBG teach practical self defense techniques like gun and knife defenses to new students the way Krav maga and FIGHT system do?

Thank you for any replies


I will write this with the somewhat generous assumption that your question(s) are serious. And I will answer your question with another question: What exactly do you find "practical" about gun and knife defenses?

I have not always exercised the best judgement concerning where I have gone, both in the U.S. and abroad; but I have yet even to be threatened by, let alone attacked by, anyone with a gun or knife. I am not saying it doesn't happen, only that it may be so rare as to be a less than practical focus for training.

As a more direct answer, absolutely yes! Karl Tanswell's S.T.A.B. program for defense against edged weapons is recognized as state of the art both inside and out of the SBG organization. Additionally, the ISR Matrix developed by Luis Guitierrez and Paul Sharp addresses many aspects of personal defense for LEOs, and more recently concerned civilians, that fall more under the "practical" heading.

This all said, and I am sure you have read it from Matt and others already, the two aspects--"Aliveness" and "practicality"--can not and must not be separated. STAB and ISR work because of Aliveness, not as some sort of SBG secret curriculum.

I look forward to more replies and hope you have a chance to visit a gym, or come to a seminar or camp. All the guys are great and a training session is worth a thousand words.

Hope to see you soon,

John Frankl