Practicing Giutar with Metronome

I'm always reading the advice to practice the guitar with a metronome. But how do I practice with it? I buy the metronome, then what?

Newbie here:-)

metronome helps you practice timing and rhythm

you will also develop speed with a metronome

So do I just turn it on and then try to change chords every so many beats?

Try playing some scales with the metronome. As you get the hang of it, speed it up a little bit. Your speed will increase dramatically after a week or two.

The metronome is like another instrument you are grooving with. You can also play along to a drum machine or drum loop to get the same effect. If you give it a try, you'll see how it works...

You can get into a rhythym and change chords every few clicks(4 for a measure), or play chords on the '&s' between the beat, or make up another pattern for your self. Be creative and make up different exercises for yourself.

Try playing say ten measures each of eight notes, sixteenth notes and triplets, then keep combining them in different patterns. From here you can practice sextuplets, septuplets, etc. A good drummer friend of mine who went to Berklee gave me these exercises and they helped out immensely, give it a shot!...Joe

As a bass player first then a guitar player, I use a metronome to practice playing on the beat(dead on the click), in front of the beat(self explanatory) and behind the beat(after the click). I think a good example of a guy who plays like this is Brian May, he plays behind the beat a bit and it makes him sound unique and not quite so machine like when he plays his lines.

my friend said thats the way they teach to play at GIT.