praryer request

Hey everybody prayer request for John and Dawn. Dawn was in a serious car accident last night and is in I.C.U. she will probably be in the hospital for a month or two. Prayers are also needed for John's peace of mind and for wisdom and strength. The marriage has been a rough road as of late do to some "outside individuals" on Dawns part. However he has forgiven her and they were working things out. I guess the worse part other than the wreck itself is that she was in the area of the "outside individual". John is really upset and taking this hard for one his wife was in a car accident and two hes not stupid and knows were she was headed. He has been very forgiving pray that he can keep his head up through all this.

God bless Johan and Dawn.


prayer being said

yours in Christ


Prayers are with them

Thank you to everybody so far. John is literally one of the closest people to a saint that i have ever met. He has a true spirit of forgivness unlike anyone.