Pray for me; I am struggling with

forgiveness, and it's really eating at me.

Simply put, a co-worker criticized me yesterday, and she apologized for it today. But yesterday and today I told her not to worry about it and blew it off but inside I am PISSED. I am trying to just forgive her and having a hard time with it. Plus, I gave my wife an earful last night. What a drag. Please pray for me, I feel like I'm being kind of a dickweed.



Father God,
I lift up to you my brother Chas. Lord I pray that you guide and strengthen him in this time of trial that he is going through. in Jesus name...Amen


yours in Christ


prayers sent

will do



it takes practice, but you can become more forgiving, I used to be a real dickweed, and now I'm just an occasional dickweed prayers are for peace of heart and mind and reconciliation with this co-worker!

Thanks, you guys.