Pray for me . I have Covid

Went to a Juneteenth event last night. No one there has COVID but kept saying they had family members And kids sick with Covid. Took 5 tests this am since I had the sore throat. Last test ended up positive. Will be off work all week. More time with you guys. Pray for my health


I pray that you don’t make it…

(Don’t worry his alts will)


The only good thing about Covid was the paid time off.

Movie time!

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Do better

This is not a joking matter
I should be fine if that fat fuck Trump survived Covid, then a healthy person like me who is vaccinated and boosted will be fine (I hope).

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Asking for people to pray for you?

If you can deal with anything in between the common cold and the flu, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you are just being a bitch.

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These people believe in fairy tales. Covid19 exists just as much as God does.

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Have no fear I will be healthy for my next Florida fishing trip in July. Boost + vax thanks to Biden

You are just being a bitch.

Fixed it for ya



It’s been nearly 2 years, and this is a different strain… he really did a number on you fairies.

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Pick a video game, beat it.

I’m going to have COVID again during the release of modern warfare 2 in a few months.


Then why are you asking us to pray for you… what a little attention whore!

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I’ll be ok I hope….but prayers will help. I wasn’t a bitch boy afraid to take the vaccine like many of you, so that gives me the confidence I’ll be better off than a slob like trump or a unvax like all of you

Be kind

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It’s funny how liberal’s always go to a conservative state to vacation. Its almost as if they have more freedom there and can enjoy life, lol enjoy your glimpse of happiness…


Biden is president bro - so every state is democrat


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Say it with me I’ve been double vaxed and double boosted and I’m happy for the immunity the vaccinations bring me… lol you Muppet

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how dare you assume my gender



fish on!