Pray for me . I have Covid

So your plan was to not only wear a mask everywhere but also stick a few needles in your arm to protect yourself from something

You don’t truly know what you put in your body but it’s going to protect you from that specific something

After all of that you still get that something you were supposed to be protected from

Sounds like you lost and look like an idiot

Ha Ha Smile GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


I wish for you a more mild experience of the Covid Germ Emoney!

and let us have compassion for those who were not so fortunate in their EQUALITY of EXPERIENCE of the Covid Germ

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Thank you friend. Thanks to the vaccination and boosters and healthy lifestyle I should be fine. B it prayers won’t hurt. The outpouring of support in this thread is overwhelming and humbling.

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Covid is a non issue. Fuck off.



Update: have a runny nose alternating with stuffy nose. Feel a little fatigued. Thank God I got vaccinated so my body can adequately fight this deadly virus.

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I have some ivermectin I’ll send you free of charge.

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Thats just sperm from the nuts that get busted on your face at the glory hole


Update: appetite is good. Took a nap. Nose still runny.

The prayers are helping fellas. I will get through this. Just trying to stay tough

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Sounds like an AIDS flare up

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lol at you being tough.

Never gonna well wish a faggot that got shots. Fuck all of you motherfuckers.

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Only the vaccinated are still getting covid. So effective

I’ll make it through this. Your prayers and the vaccine give me strength. Knowing that thanks to the vaccine a fat disgusting blob like Trump can beat this virus tells me I will be fine.

I’m mentally strong but physically not at my best. It’s a good thing I read that overrated Jocko book. I own this runny nose

I got a sliver today… pray for me… It’s no laughing matter, one of my grandmother’s cousins died of gangrene from a sliver… Absolutely true story.

Trump got the virus before the vax…maybe you should lay down…long covid maybe creeping into your brain.


This could be the end for ole Emoney fellas. Fatigue is a little worse today. Still runny nose and sore throat when I woke up. Headed to urgent care now. Wouldn’t be surprised if they admit me to the hospital.

Stop being a pussy.

You have a runny nose and a sore throat, man up.

cody garbrandt youre a little bitch GIF

It’s been 4 hrs, anyone see this patsy in a different thread ?. .

Just want to make sure rona hasn’t won yet…