Pray for me....

... please?

I know I can be a big jerk at times, but I need help right now. I trully believe that God is testing me.

i just can't write anymore.

just pray... please

You got it Yuki. I will keep you in my prayers tonight and all day tommorow.

Hang in there, whatever you're going through...

Jesus is knocking on your heart Yuki weather you believe He is God or not. I will pray for you.

God bless you, Yuki.

I´m here, if you need to vent.

thanks guys..

I'm just glad the girls are in bed right now. I'm a mess....


yeah, please email me. I don't think I'm gonna sleep for a couple days

email sent!

Will do Yuki.  MMA mail me if you want to talk.

Did ya get my e-mail Yuki?

SENT!!!! will continue to

Tim, I have to go out of town this weekend. I'll call you Monday

prayers said.


got it and replied. Thanks.


Glad you are doing better.


I know now what I must do.

Thanks to those who prayed, but I don't think God will intervene on this one.

Whatever is going on Yuki, I will keep on praying for you.

thanks man


Sorry bro, didn't see this.

Prayers for you are lodged. Hope you find peace my friend. You can call me whenever by dialing 011 61401 968 410 this is my mobile and always on.

the rev



thanks. I'd love to call, but I can't make international calls. :-(


You're a sweet lady!