pray for zealot!

what about me ? and my son. am i a leftover thought on my favorite forum. I have a 101 fever today. I think that my son has mono. we are doing blood tests today. I think I am having a recurring epsisode of CFS which is related to EBV ie mono virus. please pray for us too.

Will do!

quoted from sherms thread

send donations too. :)

don't get greedy ya germ infested prayer hog! ;-)

LOL@Zealott...will keep you guys in my prayers.

May the Lord watch over you and your son z. Blud, please take you Luc to the OG.

well, my son had a serious strep infection in his lymphnodes so anti biotics are working. I still have a small fever and am heading to the airport for a fight in montana. Thanks for the kind words. be back monday.

Take care, zealot.


just got back from a nightmare journey from montana. Curtis got the win and now we prepare for Cyborg in july 1st. thanks for the prayers guys. sincerely. Dan