Prayer please

I am preaching tonight to a largish gathering and I have been pretty darned sick the last two days. If you guys could pray for my health, but more that God's word would supernaturally penetrate the hearts of those that hear, and that His Spirit would give life to my ailing body.


the rev

 I will do so...even though your a big meanie!

Father God, I lift up to you John. Lord I pray that you heal his body Lord, that you give him the strength to speak tonight. Lord I ask that you annoint his mind and his lips. That the message he gives is not that of some preacher, of some minister, some priest. That the message is your message. That your love, your mecry, your grace pours out of your servant John, that you may be glorified. Father I pray that you open the minds and the hearts of those listening tonight Lord. Speak to them through John. In Jesus most precious name. Amen

Prayers sent.

Hey, Rev, the show must go on!

Remember that you are going to do one thing that you like the most.

God will provide the rest.

*sends up heathen prayer*

thanks guys, I am still sick as a dog, but last night went well.

My text was:

From the time of John until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

I talked about how it is a violent thing to bring God's rulership to this earth. After talking about my past of bullfighting, football, and cage fighting. But at the very end I brought up my friend Shobie who is this tiny Indian girl, and explained how she was one of the most violent people I have ever met, and talked about her work in the slums of Melbourne working with drug addicts and asylum seekers.

I think that bit really finished off the message well.

I always wonder if the message gets through, in these big, suburban, wealthy churches, you get the feeling they are quite comfortable where they are at. But, God grows the fruit, I am just his vessel to sow the seed.

Thanks for your prayers.

the rev

Hope you feel better soon John I'm sorry I didn't pray for you earlier. Prayers sent