Prayer Request

My friend Catherine recently got laid off from her job, and she's very depressed about it, because it looks like she'll have to sell her house if she can't get another job soon. She's actually on prescription anti-depressants, that's how bad it is. I was just hoping you guys could spare a sec to say a little prayer for her. Thanks

Prayers said.

Lord, please grant Catherine the peace that passes understanding in this time of stress, and depression. I pray your joy would somehow well up in her, and you would give her favour among employers. Allow her friends and family to help her bare her burdens, and understanding on the part of her crediters.




I will be happy to remember her in prayer. Thanks for being a good friend to me, buddy!

Please email me when you get a chance.

Merry Christmas,

u have them

yours in Christ


thanks guys, and you've got mail james