Prayers For My Grandpa

What's up UG, just made this post asking you all if you could say a quick prayer for my grandpa tonight, his name is Richard Roy! I know the whole religion on the UG is kinda frowned upon but it would really mean a lot if you could do that for me. This man is the strongest man I've ever met and he's been a father figure to me since birth. My grandfather and I have watched Mma since I was in 6th grade. The first ufc we ever watched was Andrei Arlovski vs Tim Sylvia! And hopefully we will go see our first ufc event live later this year. As of right now he is in quadruple bypass surgery, after suffering 2 major heart attacks while in the hospital over the last 2 days. So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks Everyone Phone Post

Best of luck, will keep him in my prayers Phone Post 3.0

I did a prayer for your grandfather! I wish Richard Roy all the best!

You got it, brother. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys! Phone Post

My thoughts are with you. I hope everything's all right.

Prayers brother. God bless. Phone Post 3.0

hope he gets better man, me and my dad bond over mma

Best wishes! Hope the two of you get to go see a UFC show.

Sending some energy that way Phone Post

Prayers sent Phone Post 3.0

Not a religious guy but I'm definitely sending positive vibes! Hopefully everything works out! Phone Post 3.0

My prayers go out to you and yours. Stay up brother. Phone Post 3.0

Prayers and positivity to you and yours fella....

Prayers mate. Hoping for all the best. Phone Post 3.0

Nothing wrong with praying. Here's one for your Granfather....

Thank you everyone who's been praying and sending good vibes his way. He had quadruple bypass surgery last night. He's responsive and the Dr. Said his heart is working fine now, it's going to be a long road to full recovery but I'm so glad he's alright. Grandpa 2.0 here we come haha. Thanks UG Phone Post

Good luck Phone Post 3.0

Awesome man! Glad to hear he got through the procedure! Sending positive vibes you and your Grandpa's way! Phone Post 3.0

God is good friend. He is in my thoughts. Phone Post 3.0