prayers please..I'm very sick

Hey giys. I started to feel ill saturday afternoon a few hours after eating a salad at home. Been sick all day yesterday and today. My wife called a little while ago and told me that they found ecoli in certain salads made by Dole. She forgot what brand she bought at the supermarket. I open the fridge...and sure enough....DOLE!

I have an appointment with my doctor at 8:30 tomorrow morning

could really use some prayers

Prays go out to you bro. I tell my fiance' that I'll never eat bagged salad. That's just not right. Now I have another reason not to do it. I truly hope you feel better man.


If it's e coli, from what I understand it's just a tough it out thing, drinking lots of water to keep hydrated, watching symptoms (and generally not using antibiotics).

But as with so many bugs, e coli symptoms come in a fairly wide range. You may not have too rough a ride. I hope you are better soon!


I hope you are better soon!

I'll take that as an atheistic prayer :)

thanks prof chance of me suing Dole? ;)



It thwarts the salad's free will? ;-)

I've come to view the ubiquitous "ice-burg" lettuce as evil. It's an immediate sign of "we don't really give a sh@t about what we are serving here."

I'll take bound and gagged romain (and other varieties) over romping-free ice burg lettace any day.

Anyway, it's so often a surprise where food poisoning comes from. I fretted about food poisoning during a trip to Mexico, finally believed the locals that all was OK and ate lots of the local food. No problem.

Then, in the Mexican airport when I was going home, I grabbed a few peanuts from the bar dish and hopped on the plane. Almost as soon as those things hit my stomach trouble started. Nothing like being stuck in an airplane's can for the whole flight, loosing all sense of humanity and cursing greasy peanuts.


My wife got salmonella poisoning and it landed her in the hospital.  To this day we still don't know if it came from eating a chicken sandwich from Burger King or because she had been working around horses with salmonella at the vet college.  I think it was the chicken sandwich and wanted to make Burger King pay her hospital bill.  Just look at the average fast food worker and tell me you trust your life in their hands.

We were working on what was almost guaranteed to be a salmonella horse a couple weeks back and it was such a badly behaved horse that it turned its head and gave my wife a big swath of horse lip across her face including her mouth.  After that she was convinced she was getting sick but I had to point out that the other end of the horse was the real danger and that when she had it before she spiked a fever of 104 within an hour of starting to feel crappy. 

I was switching the horse's fluid bags late one night and just as I exited his pen he blasted a stream of diarrhea vertically against the back wall and I thought "but for the grace of God there go I".  Anyway the horse got put down and nobody wound up sick.

wow ridge...salmonella is serious...thank God everyone is ok..and poo free :)

ecoli like prof said...all you can do is ride it out.

WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW !!!!!!!!!!* zealot shakes fist to the sky*

Sherm, I'm sorry to hear that, I'll keep you in my prayers. I've had salmonella before, sounds like ecoli is just about as nasty.

I just sent you an email. I'll wait till your feeling better to give you a call.

Hang in there,


got it can call

heathen prayer sent

Rev Sherm,

I feel for you brother. I had a stomach flu about 6 months ago and it was nothing nice.

I pray for a quick recovery.

How are you feeling now? Feeling any better?

One of the vets my wife works with chews tobacco and always swallows it.  His stomach and intensines now have a nice protective shield of scar tissue.  He went to a potluck dinner one time where everybody got sick afterwards except him because of his protective coating.  So that is one way to stave off food poisoning in the future.  I hear its also a great cure for worms.

Hang in there, stuff is going around. My daughter who is 4 and my brother in law spent the weekend puking.

May you find His healing and grace sufficient!

ok, apparently God didnt like my joke because I have a 101 fever and body aches.

it may not be food poisoning...there is a nasty bug going around...1/4 of our office is out...i just got over it and my baby has it now

hope you're feeling better soon

what are the symptoms ? I had an asthma attack in my sleep then a fever. No congestion or anything. My son has tonsilitis. I think theyre going to remove them which is rare these days.