prayers please

just a quick note to ask for some prayers you guys could throw my way....I have a serious infection in my knee from a fall I took a few weeks ago.....i have been on an IV for 5 days now and it's still pretty swollen....I have a fight in 4 weeks and I am supposed to be doing some serious conditioning and sparring right now and because of this I could not train last week and not at all so far this week....any longer and it may be a no go.....anyway the important thing is that my knee gets healthy without permenant damgage....thanks guys

God bless you, Gord.

If I were you I would cancel the fight as soon as possible, so the managers can find another fighter.

Thanks Donna and Girljock.....someone else is training to take my place just in case.....


You got it gord.

you got it brother

thanks guys....much appreciated

you got it bro

Man gord I'm so sorry to here that brother. Will do bro.

thanks guys.....the knee feels great today.....doc said the infection is mostly gone and the only thing now is I have a ruptured bursa sack....this won't allow me to do much grappling or wrestling in the next little bit but I hope I can still fight....I am going to do some striking on Saturday and see how it goes....if all goes ok I think I will be good to go....I would like to keep the momentum going from my last fight in March and get another win....Aaron's success has inspired me greatly! thanks again guys!

Praying bro, but if I was your manager I would tell you not to fight.

the rev

thanks for everything my IV out today....was supposed to rest but went and trained and I felt really cardio didn't suffer as much as I thought during the 1 1/2 weeks off.....

it is really crazy how much better my knee got in the last few days...i mean i couldn't walk all weekend and was in severe pain and today I was once again I thank you for your prayers