Prayers please

I am driving to see the family in Florida, the place I grew up, tommorow night. Please pray that I would be loving, and forgiving, and walk with Him each day while I am there.

Thank you,


You got it


Thanks guys, it means a lot...

I'm sure it's the same for a lot of you guys, never easy going back there for me.

Kinda makes me feel a bit guilty. My fathers family all live in Alabama. Haven't been down to see them in almost 14 years.

I know it can be hard bro. I went a really long time without going back too, when I lived out west. I preaty much only went back the first time because a good friend was getting married, and I felt like I had no choice.

of course I will bro

Thanks Sherm. I am probably doing a horrible job of communicating this prayer request, but your prayers mean a lot guys.

Sent Lahi, have a good time bro. Watchout for alligators and stuff

You go it Larry.

I am probably doing a horrible job of communicating this prayer request,

it's ok Larry, God knows

Thank again guys, I can feel the prayers...leaving in a few minutes, see everyone on Monday.

God Bless,


have a good trip

God Bless


How was the trip?

Thanks for asking Yuki, it was good. Lots of work and lots of prayer, but good.

It was good to be able to face people and places I literally had nightmares about years into my adult life, and feel like I could handle things OK with His help, and even start to forgive again. I felt like I was finally experiencing the cloud lifting a bit. I know I'm not the only one, and that we all have our struggles.

The trip gave me a lot of hope that there is a point to all this recovery and healing work...

Well, that's my HG confession for the week:) Thanks to all you guys for your prayers, I know they helped.

God Bless,


good to read things went okay Larry

Thanks Darren, really appreciate it.

very cool bro!

awesome bro

the rev