Prayers & strength

Prayers and strength to those directly involved in today's tragedy.

Strength and focus to firefighters, emergency crews and hospital staff.

Strength and perspective to those indirectly involved [all members of the civilized world].

To my friends in law enforcement, strength, focus and resolve.

To my friends in the military, strength, focus and stay safe. And extended prayers for swift and accurate intelligence gathering followed by swift and accurate action. No politics, no bullshit.

Amen Tony.
Well said.


These acts not only affect America, but the entire world because this could happen anywhere. It proves how vulnerable we all are to the insane agendas of terrorists who take pleasure in killing those they hate, whether they be innocent civilians or military personnel. I hope the United States and her allies can work together and do some serious soul searching to figure out how this was able to happen, and then take measures to make sure it never happens again to any nation.

My condolences to the families of the victims, and best of luck to those out there helping the survivors.

Tragedy is a turning point. Today proves that for each one of us. I pray for strength and hope and comfort for the families of the victims. And, I pray for the courage, faith and spirit of each of us - that we will be tempered through this.

Finally, I pray for our government - for the strength of will and commitment to do what must be done.

God bless,



this realy is about survival...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the 76 LEO's, 200+ Fire/Rescue personal and 100's of civilians who all remain nameless at this unfortunate hour, but who will be remembered for an eternity for their strength and courage.

To their families and loved ones i offer my condolences.

I have no doubt that the U.S. Government will send a loud message to those cowards responsible for this horrible act of terrorism. May it be swift and just.

To the rest of you,

stay strong and god bless!




Glad you were NOT in the air today !



My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families. No amount of words can describe the impact this catastrophe has had on them and the Nation.

They also go out to all the firefighters, LEOs, and civilian personel involved in the rescue efforts. And finally to all those involved in bringing swift and certain retribution for this cowardly act.

Tony Torres
Va Beach, VA

My Prayers to all,

To all those who lost loved ones my heart goes out for your loss. Your personal grief is felt by the humanity of the world.

May the brave souls who gave and continue to give their lives saving the survivors of this terrible tragedy be remembered with the respect and heroism that they have displayed. May we be forever greatful to those who offer their lives in the service of others.

Finally it is my hope that the COWARDS who kill in the name of God meet swift punishment in this life. I have faith they will surely meet it from Him in the next.

May God watch over you and yours,


Many of my counterparts work @ the pentagon and NGB. All are not accounted for yet -many presumed dead. A few have called saying they are safe.

My prayers go out to:

the dead for God's mercy and peace;
the rescue workers, LEA , military and all the volunteers on so many fronts for safety and continued strength and courage;

those who I pray are still alive for strength and deliverance;

the families of these war casualties for strength & comfort;

the leadership of this nation for wisdom & courage;

this nation for wisdom, resolve and patience. (Lest more innocent blood be shed.);

the nations and people of the world for intolerance for this kind of act of war;

Those who still stand on the gate and say "nothing bad will happen to you today" continued vigilance and courage;

those who committed this cowardly act of war – fear & trembling,. & immutable justice! (May God have mercy on their souls.)


Freedom from fear and injustice and oppression will be ours only to the measure that men who value such freedom are ready to sustain its possession... to defend it against every thrust from within or without."
Dwight D. Eisenhower



Words cannot describe the feelings of shock,
horror, numbness and anger towards the recent
barbaric events that have taken place in NYC and

My heart and my prayers go out to all those who
have been directly and indirectly affected by this
recent catastrophe.

Can I give praise and honour to all those who are
currently working both night and day to help
towards the situation.

I also wish to say a prayer and rememberance to
those who have lost their lives while trying to help
others in this recent tragedy.

May the hand of justice be swift and strong towards
those who committed this evil, barbaric and
inhumane acts. I hope they will be brought to
justice quickly!!!

But to everyone, keep strong and stay safe,

Raymond Yong.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone directly and indirectly affected/involved. What a tragedy!

This gave me a 'light bulb' moment in remembering what is really important in life and how quickly things can change. Perspective is such a gift. Never again will I hold back something I need to say until 'later.'

A tremendous amount of gratitude for everyone 'strong' enough to assist the rest of mankind affect by this tragedy. That is true courage.