Pre-fight TUF Finale Videos

I really enjoyed the way the UFC changed it up this time around for the two TUF finale fights. Filming the fighters in their own gyms talking about their training and a bit of their lives was much better than the overdubbing by Goldy simply describing their recent performances and "what they have to prove". It really seemed to add a better perspective to the fight with really good insights by both fighters.

Pride, Dream, K-1, etc. have this style for their intro videos and I hope the UFC continues this route rather then shadow boxing in the mist which is getting kind of drab.

Yeah I don't remember either, but they really should consider this for other fights. It is kind of like a mini All Access show.

i guess this isn't a troll. lol

They do this every TUF finale- every season. 

hmm guess I wasn't bored enough with the other videos they are doing to notice at the time

I still stand by them doing it more often though.