Pre-Zuffa era UFC fans roll call

We've been here long before TUF or Zuffa existed.



Checkin in.

Not here

First UFC I saw live was UFC V. Would have ordered UFC III on pay per view had I had satellite at that time.

Said goodbye to cable and bought a big ol dish just so I could start ordering the ppv.

there should be a different color for the old timers like teal.

remember how sweet as pie dana used to be on eyada and other nhb

I first saw UFC 6 but didn't start watching again until Frank's reign.

roger that


Remember the good old days of TUF 3?

i've been around so long,my favorite fight was Caveman vs Wooly-Mammoth...

Watched the live UFC 1 in 1993 and never looked back.

UFC 18!

Can't remember which one I started on, think it was 20.

first PPV I ordered was UFC VI - Tank Abbott and Oleg baby

I watched UFC 1 with my buds Bobbie and Ken. We were blown away that some little guy was tooling all these bigger, stronger opponents.

Afterwards, we trashed their apartmnent in a drunken freeeforall immitating what we saw on the TV.

Good times.

My first UFC to watch live on ppv was UFC 13 in 97.

UFC 1 through about 20+ without missing one here!!!

Then off and on until TUF began and my friends jumped on board.