"Predator" Terkay

Just curious how his bout went - I thought he was a former NCAA wrestling champion, but it looks like he won off of a 1-2 punch KO. What's the story on his opponent, too? I know Abidi dropped out pretty late.
Is this guy a badass or was he just fed a tomato can?

I am curious to know more about this guy too...his picture on the K-1 website made him look like a maniac. I believe that he is a pro wrestler somewhere, but from the sound of his fight it looks like he must be somewhat of a legitimate bad ass, even if his opponent was a tomato can.

slyvester terkey. lost to kurt angle in the ncaa's. had numerous chances at wwe but didnt show a knack for the pro scene. japanese organizations picked him up for his legit background and his resemblance to the late bruiser brody. bb was one of japans most famous foreigners before he was murdered. so hes gotten a chance there to keep his career alive. i really think he has limited training and wouldnt expect him to fight real many times.

Angle beat Terkay in the finals of the '92 NCAA's. I believe Angle was 199 and Terkay was near 260. Angle won 3-2. Terkay went on the next year to win the heavyweight division though.

I always thought he looked a little like Bruiser Brody in those promo shots. He seems a lot thicker, though. He reminds me of 'Hercules' Hernadez with the chains, too.

I was just thinking that if a guy with that kind of size who obviously DOES have some legitimate wrestling skill might be interesting in MMA.

People go on and on about Brock Lesnar, but it sounds like this guy is on the same level, but is obviously a little older.

I'm sure he'll likely never take MMA all *THAT* seriously as long as he's making good money pro wrestling, but at least he stepped in and tried it.

terkey at least is testing his real fighting skills. lesnar is living on what if? (and taking what if to the bank i may ad!)

I think we have a lot more of Terkay's MMA fights to look forward to, he'll definately be the next big thing.