Predict the next Jon Jones incident in this thread


Gets caught with drug paraphernalia at one of the 72 speaking engagements he has to make to the kids

He turns a new leaf, kills dc then takes the hw strap Phone Post 3.0

I have to believe there will be some finger fucking involved.

another DUI

I'm gonna go with domestic violence Phone Post 3.0

Assaulting a fan during his fake apology tour.

I predict he goes through a period of saying the right thing and becoming somewhat liked again. Then come fight build up he'll say some increasingly assanine things til the point his handlers convince him to lay low in order to save face. Then when you think "Where's JBJ been?" BOOM, gets a deuce or a domestic charge.

Sex tape.

Only a matter of time until he gets busted for being pissed up behind the wheel again.

I get the feeling that Jon is going to go down the Rocky Lockridge road.

HillWilliam - Sex tape.

keep goin

A real mind fuck, JBJ will turn everything right and win back the respect of everyone by showing he is changed BUT THEN he will be legitimately wrongly accused of doing something he honestly didn't do and because of his past it will be the nail in his coffin. Based on what we think we know will ruin what could have amazingly been, Jon Bones Jones Phone Post 3.0

Gets KO'd by Bader

Goes Muslim. Phone Post 3.0

Quits ufc...joins the zetas drug cartel as a spoke person. Phone Post 3.0

Has to be AIDS....

Loses in return. Looks shitty.

Ray Cappa - Goes Muslim. Phone Post 3.0

I could see that