Predict UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields rating



434,000 Phone Post 3.0

480,000k Phone Post

450k Phone Post 3.0

380K Phone Post

Alright, thanks for the replies, guys.  Not accepting anymore after this post.  

May the best guess win.  I'll be back when the numbers come out (unless I get frozen again).

EDIT: Okay, I'll accept the three below this since they probably only saw the first post and not this one.


Pretty sure.

Just for fun gonna throw out 320k... Nobody I asked even knows there is a card tonight. It's gonna bomb Phone Post

360k Phone Post


Fight Night 29 on last night: 638K, Prelims: 220K, drew 725K despite UFN's overrun


I was off by 17k, JStrongMMA was off by 12k. He won.

Waiting for analysis.

Well, I'll be damned.

TUF drew better ratings than the fights? Phone Post

JStrongMMA - 

650k...this is a much better card than Tex vs. Bader. Phone Post

Nice job, JStrongMMA!  You are the winner.  PM me your Paypal address and I'll send you the funds.

I'm surprised the number was higher than Bader/Teixeira with no advertising.  It is still a ghastly number.  Will wait for MMALOGIC to tell us all how great it is.