Predict UK fights, win a Couture autograph pack

Your task: Correctly predict the following five fights (include winner/how/round):

1. Phil Baroni vs. Scott Jansen

2. Robert Berry vs. Neil Grove

3. James McSweeney vs. Mustapha Al Turk

4. Paul Daley vs. Bojan Kosednar

5. James Elson vs. Dave Van Gasse (why? because I'm sure no one has heard of these guys and that makes things a little more interesting).

Tiebreaker: Predict at what time the Baroni-Jansen fight will end.

What's at stake, you ask? Feast your eyes on this Randy Couture signed photograph and "Best of Mixed Martial Arts" magazine package.

Good luck!

Just a note: You have to predict on the site...just easier to keep track that way...thanks!


one last time for good measure...