Premier Fighter Adds More Talent!

We have fantastic news to pass along! Our core group of fighters is growing and we are excited to add some true talent to the Premier Fighter team! We welcome Chris Wilson from Team Quest who will be squaring off against Jon Fitch. David Bielkheden, a true talent, who will be battling Diego Sanchez. Jorge Gurgel will be sporting Premier Fighter gear, as well, as he goes against Jon Halverson. Finally, we are very pleased to announce we are adding Frankie "The Answer" Edgar and Matt "The Hammer" Hamill to the team...Thanks to everyone for their continued support and check out the site as we continue to update and add to the line!

Congrats!!! Sounds expensive, you wanna loan me some $$$$?!?!

Quik....I just bought a hat...How much cash do you need!

Brian we do have new gear comming out...The new line should be out in about 10-14 days....


:(....Josh Grispi?

Isn't Frank Edgar "The Answer"?

I could TTT this, but I also need to be put in contact with the guys who does wholesale accounts - so I'll ask that as my "TTT"


Yes we added Josh as well who is comming off a huge win! He is up on the site Chris...



The pleasure is all mine boss... All mine.

The designs you put on here a week or so ago were super slick. Are those the ones that will be out in a few days or are you talking about more new stuff?

I like the "Black Long Sleeve Wings of Devastation" shirt, is the size to fit or do they run small/big??

ttt for Matt Hammill

Are the XL's small XL's or big XL's?

Chris our whole new line will be about in about a week which included the last two shirts we put up here...The shorts that are comming out you and the other fighters will get first and then they will be released in about a month! We are very proud to be sponsoring you and can't wait for the fight! Call if you ever need anything!

Artist the sizes are true fit...if anything the t-shirts might run a little on the larger size

No frank is still " the answer" it never changed! lol

the dry fit shirts are nice