Premium paint roller pads

As has been well established through my many posts… I’m a very fancy man. Reba Macintyre even sung a song about me not letting her down.

Im painting this week and I sprung for the expensive roller stuff. Wow these things are amazing! Great coverage. Last longer. Even distribution. I am impressed!

OG, I demand of you! Dont cheap out on this stuff!

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Bro! I bought the most expensive roller pad that Home Depot had two weeks ago when I painted the nursery! Worked fantastic!

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How many bones will the top line Home Depot gear run a fella?

Smooth walls, so that bad boy was $10

Also got the most expensive Wooster Pro trim and edge brush….so smooth and controlled really didn’t even need tape!


Bingo! Edge brushes are life savers. I’ve been using the same one for years. Love it!

I paid 18 for a 3 pack. Maybe yours are even more premium than mine!

Sherwin Williams is my paint, perhaps a more premium :thinking: roller would be better.


I didn’t know you could paint the walls of a trailer

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Shit son. My trailer is tight. Dont need paint!

I’m doing this for work!

Take the time to learn how to cut in with an actual brush. Cut once, roll twice. Shouldn’t take you that long considering you don’t have a double wide.

Serious question… are you a fag or can you just not read?

I already said this wasnt in my trailer jerk!

Just one cut eh? Pff… amateur.