Preparing for Grapplers Quest?

Any tips on preparing for Grapplers Quest? I can commit to going to bjj class 2x per week, and I lift and do cardio 4-5x per week. Any advice? I also want to buy some instructionals, what do you think? I was thinking Mario Sperry sub grappling or Cechnie's tapes, which would you choose and why? I have 5 months to prep.

ttt for some help

Find a good training partner(s) to help you in your game. Drill your weak spots and ask for advice from your training partners. Video a couple of your rolling sessions and look for areas where you look vulnerable, sloppy, to mechanical, etc. But having good training partners who can help your game is crucial.

thanks, anyone else

Practice defending leglocks...alot.

what grapplers quest are you planning on doing?

Yeah, what J Roc said. I fell pray to a leglock in the finals of my weight class my last tournament. And from looking at the video, it have been easy to counter had I practiced defending leglocks more than once every 2 months or so.

The best possible advice I can give after doing my first tournament less than one month ago is to practice like you are going to compete. For mat time, start from the feet and practice your stand-up. Wrestlers do real well in tournaments because the takedown is huge and they can "hide" in the guard.

I think the refs at the last tourny I did thought I was hiding, cuz I got the takedown but was unable to effectively pass the guys guard. But this was the open division and the guy was stronger and heavier than me so I was constantly defending against sweeps and subs. The ref was like: "Let's get busy top man" and I was constantly getting posture and setting up guard pass attempts.

But I also echo whtblt4ever cuz I was taken down twice and it sucks beginning a match down by two points.

The grapplers quest in Chicago this coming May

Soujnds to me like you simply need to work on your overall game and not just leg locks. May is a long time away. Try some smaller tournamets in the mean time.

NAGA - not grapplers quest in chicago in may.


sprint and jogging mixed together.