Preppers....let's talk

Picked up 4k more rounds of Russian TUL ammo 9 MM as it is on sale, $314 per 1000.

Apparently biden banned Russian ammo and they have a few months to get rid of all of it.

In addition still stocking up on Gold 1 oz, silver, dried foods, weaponry. I am trying to get a complete set of kevlar body armor. Any links for body armor besides torso?

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RMA has good level IV plates for a good price. I’ve watched YouTube videos and they do what they’re supposed to do.

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I need shit like this. Sadly it’s probably too late to get it all before the troubles start. At least I had my guns before the tragic air balloon accident

I wish I could buy ammo at those prices. I’d gladly pay you double

I could be mistaken but as I understand it, the ban on Russian ammo is actually a ban on a bunch of stuff that includes Russian ammo.

The ammo portion of the ban (and maybe all of it) is being done through the licenses to import Russian products not being issued. However the currently issued licenses will still be valid, but will not be renewed when they expire.

Licenses are usually for three years, so some licenses will still be valid for years. However, it’s not just the time until expiration, when the license was applied for, they have to include how much they will import. So some licenses might end before they expire b/c the license holder has reached the limit of what they were approved to import.

The ban is only for one year, but we don’t know if it’ll be renewed every year.

There’s also a chance that someone will open up a business in a neighboring country such as the Ukraine, and start exporting the ammo from there.

So it still sucks, but it’s not as bad as it could’ve been


The Russians will be bringing it with them when they invade, so, the lack of Russian ammo won’t be a problem then.

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Yes, but that’s body armor only. I need full body armor, leg plates, etc. kevlar

I’m not talking shit as I like you bud, but I highly doubt the majority of people wearing all this body armor make it past the first firefight.

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Link to purchase the ammo?

No, but when 5 of my guys show up in your neighborhood and demand you pay tribute and we are all suited up I’ll bet you’d be shakin’ in your boots, charlie.


Someone explain bug out bag culture. I get having some supplies but some people appear to go overboard? Genuinely curious as to what a good bag consists of .