Pres Biden CLAPS BACK at Trumps handling of covid, economy recovering faster

than expected according to the CBO.

The U.S. economy is bouncing back at a faster pace than the federal government anticipated…

The Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) said that while the country’s deficit could come in at $3 trillion – 33% higher than its last estimate of $2.25 trillion – the U.S. is seeing a robust recovery. The CBO highlighted that this should help support the country’s gross domestic product (“GDP”), which the agency says could grow by 7.4% by the end of 2021.

The CBO added that this positive momentum should carry through to 2025 as well. The organization noted that the country’s GDP could rise by 2.8% per year for at least the next four years.

Meanwhile, the CBO explained that unemployment trends will also improve. The agency’s report showed that unemployment levels will fall to about 4% in 2022 and remain at that level for several years.

Trumps economy. Thank you Donald

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Topic aside, can we please stop using the term “Clap Back?”


Hi Easy.

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The price of everything is way up! So that’s good right? Not sure if I believe that.

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Clap on, clap off… tha Biden


Yes my God the bounce back is great.

Trump gas = $1.79, Biden gas = $3.04.

Everything else is way more expensive - don’t buy into the BS $.16 cents cheaper for 4th of July meal… stocks rose up a little bit though, look how strong we are!


Thank you President Biden.

Fixed it for you.


Tiny Minuscule Appendage???

The economy was always going to take off post covid.

Biden literally had to do nothing, and he would have had a good first year.
The only thing he really needed to do was appoint someone to handle the continued roll out of the Trump administration’s vaccines, and he could sit back and count his son’s money.

Instead, he had to start messing around with pipelines and fucking up the border via executive order…

So far the Biden administration has been a historical disaster, because he decided to actually do stuff.

Fucking idiot.


Total MAGA Adoration???

Grown man using “clap back”

Hello Pedro

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That was an integral part of the troll.

How do you guys not see this shit?

05 is a complete troll account

Thread title is a collection of effective troll material. Lol

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Clap back?? What are you 12??

Notice how it’s all the conservative states that started opening first and the left went off their rocker’s?

Now they want to give The Big Guy credit for what states defying “recommendations” from him were doing.

The right makes decisions and they’re correct, the left takes credit.

The left makes decisions and they blow up in everybody’s faces, and they try to place the blame on the GOP.

Amazing how they view the intelligence of their followers.

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Clap back?

The fucking guy is literally senile.

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