Pres Biden to declare monkeypox a public health emergency!

Should be a screen name


Just like AIDS - the gays will super spread it to mainstream.




Yep, they will tap dance like a mother to not stigmatize their beloved sodomites. And they will never in a million years cast any blame, suggest that their lifestyle may be the cause, and suggest that they shouldn’t receive medical treatment because you know, it’s not their fault and they are not willfully spreading it to the population.

Unlike those damn anti vaxxers and anti maskers of course, who killed your grandma.

Eventually it will/might contaminate the general population and they will pretend it wasn’t a gay disease but a disease that affects us all.


Or at least a title under the screen name.

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I’ve heard or 2 cases of Monkeypox in children as of early this week. Naturally no info on how the children caught it. I think they were in gay families. I hope their investigating. I still question how such a limited disease with ZERO deaths could be a health emergency.

The fuck is MonkeyPox? Does it come with more free money? If so, I’m all for it. If not, then stfu already. You want a Facebook/Twitter post you gotta pay.

So . . . with covid, a respiratory virus, it was stay home, don’t even visit friends, relative, don’t go to the beach, don’t go to the park, no haircuts, no gym.

But this disease, which is spread 99.9% through intimate bodily contact, and could be eliminated from the country if all the gays took just a month of abstinence, maybe less - that’s too much to ask. We have to let them keep having sex.

Imagine if that was the approach to covid; everyone attend gatherings of people and cough on each other!


I can’t wait to see what Governor Monkeypox of Colorado does

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Maybe not even that
Take a month off from the 30 man orgies with randos from out of town, and the piss parties

I don’t get it

30 days to stop the spread (well, one kind of spread)

Sounds like a badass Pirate

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Oh he’s an ass pirate all right

Can you imagine if Biden gets the Monkey?


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The NY Times said 99% of cases are “men who have sex with men”

Bunch of OGers gonna get Monkeypox from gay sex and then claim they got it from “jiu-jitsu”.

It can’t spread if there is no eye contact! Follow the science!


Veegoh is going to be so upset


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Fab 5 Netflix GIF by Queer Eye

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His supporters are definitely at high risk of getting, so I could see why he’d do it.