Pres Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Their CEO's!

Have anything to say about the OP? Do you agree that Facebook should ban people for the govt you voted for?
It’s a simple yes or no.

Hahah what?!
The govt telling Facebook who to ban isn’t enough for you?!
This is why we call you a partisan hack

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Facebook can ban everyone for all I care. I’ve seen people cry on other forums, including this one, about being banned. They cry about freedom of speech and being censored. It just comes off as crying children who had their toy taken away because they can’t behave.

You sound like a retard who doesn’t understand the concept of freedom of speech.


Libs dont like freedom of speech because all it takes is a tiny bit of it to point out how stupid their ideas are


When it comes to the government doing anything, conservatives can easily distinguish between government and private sector. But when it comes to the first amendment, they seem to be forever confused.

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when the government is flagging posts for facebook, and “working with” facebook to censor posts and saying it you’re banned from one social media platform you should be banned from. it all

that’s a first amendment violation. this isn’t private enterprise doing its thing it is private enterprise acting at the behest and in concert with the government.

if youre confused ill clear it up for you

its fucking bullshit

if you support that shit you’re dumb as a bag of hammers and a bag full of hammer less useful


It’s a pretty simple concept. Don’t spread mis information and don’t start insurrections with their forums and you won’t get banned.

“misinformation” is opinion

so “don’t have an opinion different than daddy Joe’s or he will tell the social media platforms to ban you”

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Condescending Whatever You Say GIF by Film Riot

Misinformation is opinion to Trumptards, much like facts.


Can you even distinguish the difference between a scientific theory and fact?

Let’s hear you give an example of each

Of course I can. I even know the difference between a theory and hypothesis, something I’ve had to listen to so many conservatives get wrong when discussing evolution.

You want an example? Something easy for you understand? Objects fall towards the center of the Earth is a fact. The theory of gravitation provides a tested explanation for that fact (and many others).

Too easy.

covid origin was flagged as misinformation, turns out that was what?

Your reading comprehension is Junnk

I’ve seen nothing saying the govt is banning anyone. The govt doesn’t control what facefuck does. They can make any requests they want- unless there is some ‘this for that’, any "censorship " is simply a private business making a decision.

Dont be simple

Keep your head up, victim. It will be ok

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Geez I’m the last year we’ve seen:

-Covid comes from a lab WAS fake news. Now it’s generally accepted, with no different information.
-Pelosi and Biden both tweeting that they DONT trust the vaccine. Now they say anyone who doesn’t take it is ignorant.

Don’t take a side - just wonder how it’s ok that the first one was not information allowed to be shared. Now it is. The second was was information that was allowed. Now it isn’t. Except those tweets are still up.

None of the facts or data matters. It’s who it’s coming from that matters. And that should scare everyone here. That one billionaire has the power on a whim to silence whatever opinion he does or doesn’t want out there. Why that doesn’t terrify a democracy is beyond me.


Hahah this is why your opinion is never taken seriously on the OG.

The govt telling Facebook who to ban is bad. No matter how you libs want to spin it.

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It’s the govt telling them who to ban, ya dweeb