Pres Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Their CEO's!

Are they forcing them to ban, or are they making suggestions?

I don’t agree with you on things, but this legit was funny

they only pretend to be a democracy, it is an oligarchy that panders to fucking morons for support

Anyone who gets their info from Twitter or Facebook deserves much worse than having their idiot brigade banned.

Twitter is 90 percent libtards. So, yeah.


Yeah, and it would decimate the OG. Two birds and all that.

So on top of not understanding free speech you also don’t understand basic scientific terminology. Awesome.

when the president “Asks” or makes a “suggestion” it has a different meaning remember when trump “asked” comey if there was anything he can do about flynn?
“i hope you can let this go”

the NY times reports this as trump ordering comey to shut downt the investigation

or when he “asked” the Ukraine president if he could look into corruption.

the media reported this an impeachable offence

these were all deemed demands or orders from the President because of his position of power.

but now this is just Joe making suggestions lol

hypocrisy at it’s finest

Sheeit this is why i have one on a larrge retainer. Never know.

I understand both. You must be confused.

After all this time, you still struggle with accepting clear facts, huh?

He didn’t simply ask Ukraine to look into corruption, he offered a quid pro quo. I made clear in my post there is no 'this for that" that establishes a qpq.

Flynn? Lol.
Sure- the head of govt requesting the govt to do something is totally the same as the govt pointing something out to a private business so they can make a decision. /sarcasm

‘Andwrong’ comparing apples and fleshlights again…

WRONG - do you know how a quid pro quo works?

no sarcasm… they were either BOTH wrong or BOTH having a discussion

you cant suck and blow pundidiot… although i’m sure you’ve tried on enough cock

Lol- you really struggle with the whole ‘words have meaning’ eh Andwrong?

I think Biden is pretty much telling Ukraine right now to accept what he’s doing with the pipeline or zelensky might not get an office visit…

Sounds impeachy

no. i don’t struggle with much at all Pundidiot

that’s why i’m able to call out your hypocrisy on these threads

The companies are libs and support Biden. They are going to do what he says as Facebook REMOVING posts.

They need to apply their rules equally or should face govt intervention.

You big government types are destroying America!

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You’re calling out hypocrisy? Lol