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On May 30th 2008, PrimetimeFC smashes into Merrillville Indiana for it’s inaugural show.  Featuring the BIGGEST and BEST names from the Chicago Land area in a hard nosed, action packed event.  You have seen it on TV now COME SEE IT LIVE!!!!! MMA in the flesh!
One featured bout includes Merrillville’s very own KEVIN ENGLISH, who is 10-4 in his professional mixed martial arts career mixing it up with an opponent who is yet to be determined.  Also on the card from the Chicago Land area are: Jay Estrada, Jason Guida, Boban Simic, Steve Kinnison, Brandon Munson, Antonio Canas, Darius Turcinskas, Lazaar Stojadinivic, Jeff Serafin, Ramy Daoud, Mike Cannon, Said Hatim, and Michael Hampton from Chicago Land teams such as: Team Dino Costeas, Hackney’s Combat Academy, Gilbert Grappling, The Midwest Training Center, Martial Athletics, NWIMMA, McVickers Martial Arts, and Team Serafin.  Visit for more info!
Announced card as of 3-11-08 (Not in bout order and subject to change without notice)
Jay Estrada      (21-8-0)           v.         Dave Love (18-7-1)   --- In a match of skilled 155ers, Estrada and Love will mix it up on May 30th.  Both fighters are so well rounded it is hard to decipher exactly where this fight will take place.  Estrada is known for his ruthless Ground and Pound tactics while Love has been very consistent with scoring submissions from his back.  Love is a 2 time BoDog Fight veteran while Estrada has fought throughout the entire country during his 5 year MMA career.
Jason Guida   (19-16-0)           v.         Bobby Martinez    (12-8-0)  ---  Jason Guida spent most of his MMA career fighting in the Heavyweight division.  Since moving down to 205 he has gone an impressive 7-4 with his 4 losses coming to UFC veterans Vernon “Tiger” White, Marvin “The Beast” Eastman, Terry Martin and Travis Wuiff.  Known for his all around skills he looks to take on a game opponent in Bobby Martinez.  Martinez, who is a former boxer is globally known for his knockout power.  He is a BoDog fight veteran who is trying to rejuvenate his career after suffering a string of submission defeats.  He believes all his training has paid off and he is ready to mix it up with the big dogs… Guida is no small test.
Boban Simic     (7-3-1)             v.         Jason Riley      (9-0)   --- This heavyweight match between the 6 foot 220 lb Simic and the 6 foot 5 inch 250 lb Riley is the makings of a true heavyweight slug fest.  Simic is known for having a head like a wrecking ball matched with dynamite for fists while Riley is known for his crisp and technical boxing skills.  Riley is coming off of 9 consecutive wins since turning pro and has marked a win over UFC vet Josh Shockman while Simic is just starting to make his mark on the Midwest Mixed Martial Arts Scene.
Steve Kinnison    (16-11-1)      v.         Dustin Neace     (21-10-1)  --- The match up between these two extremely experienced 145 lbers bodes to potentially be the fight of the night.  Kinnison has taken guys from the UFC and WEC  into deep water including Jorge Gurgel, Roger Huerta, Jeff Curran, Kurt Pelligrino, and Micah Miller.  Dustin, also known for taking extremely tough fights consistently in his career, including numerous open weight fights against heavyweights, is looking to make a name for himself in the Chicago area by taking a win from Steve.    


Jeff Serafin     (4-1)                 v.          Davion Peterson    (11-4)   --- This fight, taking place in the middleweight division is a much better match up than the records let on.  Jeff Serafin is a brown belt under McVicker’s Martial Arts… some people say he grapples at a black belt level and he hails from the Valpo area.  His opponent “Mr. Perfect” Davion Peterson is known for his wrestling ability and his mean elbow strikes from within guard.  This BoDog Fight veteran is making his return after coming off an injury.  Both men promise this will not be a boring fight.


Shannon Ritch  (40-64-0)       v.          Jon Weidler (6-3-0)  --- This fight has absolutely no significance as far as Chicago goes.  But it has relevance on a nationwide scale.  Shannon has a very turbulent past as both a promoter and fighter.  Jon pulled Shannon’s card on a thread on the UNDERGROUND, which is a highly recognized MMA forum (, and Shannon told Jon to step up and fight him.  To which Jon gladly accepted.  Jon is a natural 155 lb fighter while Shannon has fought as high as heavyweight and in promotions such as PRIDE, King Of The Cage, Extreme Challenge, Pancrase, Superbrawl, Rumble on the Rock, the WFC and Ironheart Crown.  This fight however will be fought in the Middleweight division (185 lbs.)  This bout is a WINNER TAKE ALL event with the loser going home with nothing and will be BANNED from for the remainder of their life.  Jon has promised Shannon the beating he deserves and Shannon has promised to shut Jon’s mouth forever.


Kevin English (10-4)                v.         TBA --- 155 (Lightweight)
James Douglas  (1-0)                v.         TBA  --- 185 (Middleweight)
Brandon Munson   (6-1)                  v.        Chase Minor     (6-0)  --- 205  (Light Heavyweight)   
Antonio Canas       (2-2)                  v.         Darius Turcinskas    (4-2) --- 135 (Bantamweight)
Lazaar Stojadinavic   (3-2)               v.         Scott Tuggle          (2-1)  --- 145 (Featherweight)
Ramy Daoud      (2-1)                      v.        Christian Neilson     (0-2)  --- 135 (Bantamweight)
Mike Cannon       (2-0)                   v.          Jeremy Ashley        (2-3)    --- 155 (Lightweight)
Said Hatim         v.         Michael Hampton    
Leo Arguellas     v.         Matt Wilcox            
Joe Melendez     v.          TBA 

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Tickets go on sale to the general public on SATURDAY 3-15-08.

You can purchase them on FRIDAY 3-14-08 by going to the Star Plaza Theatre website and click on the upper right cirle that says "Join our advanced notice email club"   Fill out the info and watch for the notification on Friday....



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