Prescient/Oracular Characters ....

i am just about done re-reading the dune novels - and seeing how Frank Herbert used prescient/oracular characters - I want to see how other writers handled characters who either could predict the future, acted on information which they thought was prescient...etc

i am looking for anything really - from greek myth to kurt vonnegut...novel to poetry

some of the ones that came right to me were:

TimeQuake by Vonnegut
Left Hand of Darkness
Minority Report - the movie at least


Prophecies- Every single fantasy novel out there ;)

The Illiad- Cassandra, prophetess cursed to not be believed. Achilles, hero knows he can have death and glory or a long life at home.

McCullough makes some mention of prophecies in her Great Men of Rome series, don't know if it's enough to be what you're looking for but she has Gaius Marius and Caeser believing them.

"Prophecies- Every single fantasy novel out there ;)"

lol - ok how about good use of prophecy/oracles ... etc

i had the iliad/odyssey too

There is a fantasy trilogy by Dave Duncan called The Great Game. In it, the hero goes to another world from ours and finds out that he is part of a prophecy. The more conditions he fulfills from the prophecy, the more power it/he has. Very well written with good plot twists. The character has to deal with what the prophecy means for him and how he can fulfill it while remaining a good person.

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote a fantasy novel called The Curse of Chalion. The hero has to figure out how he can die three times in order to lift the curse, fits your criteria but this is not the entire focus of the book. One of my favorite fantasy novels of all time.

i like it ... consider those amazon'd