President Biden "Same sex marriage is NEXT"

I know you are a troll but I’m curious to your answer here,

if what goes on between 2 consenting adults is no-one else’s business, do you also want to legalize incest as well?

Yes or no?

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Dont give a fuk, but if the same sex adults can rise kids thats a problem

Let’s hope this is the one thing Biden will finally be right about.

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Too late… It’s called Africa…

If they can procreate them… we are all doomed…

I had no issue with gay marriage in the past. I am at the point now where I would would lose no sleep at all if people started throwing these fuckers off buildings.

If you can sit here in 2022 with all the attempts to groom kids through schools and the media, the tranny mental illness infecting all facets of our lives and the endless bombardment of faggotry in society AND STILL obsess over gay marriage rights, you are a lost cause.

Fags have used marriage rights as a launching pad for their sick degeneracy. Its time to put them back in the closet. Our grandfathers were right.


Sorry Biden you lost old man. Gun freedoms come next

Good, those faggots shouldn’t be as happy as me, they are running the fucking country!

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