President Joseph Biden is an exceedingly brave American Hero and Patriot

He has taken my vote and run with it to greatness. Tbh sometimes I look at him and get half a boner

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I voted for Joe Biden


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Not your best effort, fren.


You wasn’t your parents favorite was you?


So HFT, this is all your fault.

I was. I think that might be the problem.

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We’ve seen the girls you fuck. You have no valid opinions.

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You’re way to old for creepy joe homie, he won’t fuck you.


Wouldve loved to tell you off here but its not you. Easy tell by how quick your posts were taken down before

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I posted some good ones.

Where at? I’ll happily recant my statement if you point me in the direction.

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You’ll prob croak before I do but if you dont take this in


And she swallows

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He would be a step up from your last one.

These are quite good. What were you doing fucking that other swamp donkey then?

Those were better days plus I actually used to put in effort. I don’t even go out on dates anymore lol. I just troll the internet for occasional effortless sex. If you’re consistent and know where to look you can get laid super easily.

Tbh, I’m shallow and I can’t date anyone worth the headache at this point so fuck it.

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Hear ya. I’m in a relationship for a while now, and it’s great, but if it doesn’t work out I’ll never do it again.