Press Release... MMA Agents

Pavia, Ciscone, and Associates would like to make you aware of the upcoming UFC fight dates for four of the fighters we represent:

Chris "Lights Out" Lytle (21-12-5) will be facing Matt "The Terror" Serra (5-4) in the finals of the Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback on November 11th live on Spike TV in front of an estimated 15 million people. Lytle has fought in the UFC octagon on six previous occasions and also holds a 13-1 pro boxing record. Lytle defeated Pete Spratt and Din Thomas during TUF 4 to reach the finals. Serra, a jiu-jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie, has fought eight previous times in the UFC, including victories over Yves Edwards and Ivan Menjivar.

Martin "Hitman" Kampmann (13-2) will be facing Thales Leites (9-0) on November 11th in the UFC on Spike TV. Kampmann, an exciting Muay Thai specialist, defeated Crafton Wallace in the first round by rear naked choke in his UFC debut this past August. Leites, who holds a first-round submission win over Jose "Pele" Landis-Johns, is making his UFC debut.

Hector "Sick Dog" Ramirez (6-1-1) will be making his UFC debut when he faces James "Sandman" Irvin (11-3) on November 18th on PPV. Ramirez, who trains extensively with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, is a heavy-handed puncher who holds a knockout win over TUF 3 winner Kendall Grove. Irvin has a 1-2 record in the UFC, including a flying knee, highlight-reel knockout of Terry Martin.

Jake O'Brien (6-0) will be facing Josh Shockman (1-0) on November 18th in the UFC on PPV. O'Brien is an exciting young heavyweight who has won all of his fights by TKO or KO. O'Brien, a former wrestler at Purdue University, defeated Kristof Midoux in the second round by TKO in his UFC debut this past August. Shockman is a highly-touted kickboxer who is making his UFC debut.

We are actively soliciting fighter sponsors for these events. We realize that the economics of the MMA fight game today dictate the need for fighter sponsors. As such, we coach all of our clients to use best efforts in displaying logos and to make mention and give thanks in all public opportunities.

The costs vary greatly depending on fighter and event. If you should have any interest, or would like to request more information, please contact me at

Thank you for your consideration.


Ken Pavia


Not sure Ryan...but this is what it says on the UFC site...

In addition, the UFC 65: Bad Intentions card will be rounded out by an intriguing clash between unbeaten heavyweights Jake O'Brien (8-0) and Josh Shockman (7-0).

I think the 1-0 must be wrong as there was some chatter because Shockman is the LFC champion and Jake is the x LFC champion.

Not sure if fact, but it is on the Fulton Boxer thread where Pav and Camp have words (a little)

Sorry, page 5 of the Thank you KenP thread amybe also 4


With the Bisbing fight off lets yell for the Kampmann fight to be on TV.

brad imes was 1-0 to get on was Hamil 2-0

That is the names the boys in Norwalk gave him. Viva la Raza.

I could've swore that O'brien was with Mike Camp and the Damage Inc management crew...

Jake was formerly with Keith Palmer who did a good job for him. He is now represented by us.


You have Serra's record wrong.

Also for anyone interested Shockman is 7-0 including amatuer fights against competition that is a combined 11-24-1... including a guy who was 0-8 as an amateur and decided to turn pro. He has only one fight against someone with a winning record.

Thanks smac1 and I guess I owe Rampage for that. But I checked Sherdog again and it appears that his record is 5-4. I plan on beating my copy editor now.

good luck to your boys, I am rooting for Lytle guy is a stud.


I haven't had the pleasure of reading the intellectual insight of the degenerate Ken Pavia, but I've been informed by many of my friends whom are loyal UG patrons of his shenanigans.
To put it simply, Pavia is a douche bag that is upset with me because I shot down his continuous sexual advances in the past.

So to let the record be set straight, Pavia is a raging homosexual, who is a broke ass bitch who doesn't manage any fighters, especially Ricco, and he'd give anything for me to ram my huge cock down his throat.

I don't have time nor do I care what he or any of the other negative UG trolls have to say about anybody or anything. The sport of mma is full of morons who either think they're great fighters or great promoters. They all know who they are.

And of course who can forget the thousands of bar stool mma critics out there. You're all assets to this world and God only knows what you'd do with yourselves without the computer, the underground and several different screen names. You'd probably still be out lingering in the bushes behind your local elementary schools contemplating your next sadistic act of perversion. The many unwitting elementary school students should be thankful that mma exists to distract you sick perverts so that you can now ogle your favorite fighters wearing nothing but skintight attire from the comfortable confines of your parent's basement.

Also for the record, I make plenty of money, I don't box to feed my family, and I probably earn more money yearly than 99% of the mma fighters out there.

I have more important things to do with my life than fight in the ring. I'm not into fighting anymore and I've proved that I have more God given talent than almost every fighter out there, I'm just not into competitive mma anymore.

I'll continue to compete in the smaller shows making far more money doing that than the average Joe will make punching a clock 40 hours a week.

-travis fulton-

Looks like Ken is doing good things.

"But I checked Sherdog again and it appears that his record is 5-4. I plan on beating my copy editor now."

As a rule FCF is much more accurate than Sherdog... neither are great, but FCF is better.

Actually it's 8-4 FCF doesn't have his recent win over Shonie Carter.

So Kyle how does Travis make 265 with you on his nuts?

May I suggest READING the original thread. I know that may be an unobtainable task for you "cut and paste" guy.

Smac I agree but Joe Silva usually cites Sherdog as a quick reference so I usually default to that and then make sure my guys have accurate records there.

"As a rule FCF is much more accurate than Sherdog... neither are great, but FCF is better."

So true I wish FCF got more credit for their accuracy than they do. If joe Silva uses Sherdog over FCF, that's just plain dumb.