Press release!!!!

I have met with big red1 and we are announcing a merger. i am now the vice president of and he is now the vice president of

our mission to shut down all mma in ontario and british columbia. why should people fight in the ring, can't they just talk it out like me and greg did.

i promised to stop shit talking fighters and go back to shit talking promoters. because it is the in thing to do.

except for mark pavelich cuz he's so damn sexy.great demo reel from his events too. and i love joe cuff from rhode island, jason darrah and david lea. they love the johnny kage too.

Kage, you're alright... glad we had the chance to chat. I'll be in touch.

Glad to hear you guys kissed and made up.


It's like the Twilight Zone everytime I log onto this site lately.

the official story: we were all set to do battle when suddenly we both got a call from minister farakhan...i was gonna hang up on him, because the goon squad was already to roll...(mack daddy flex was scoping out his place, although he was in kelowna not vancouver but anyway).
then i remembered biggie and tupac. farakhan squashed such beefs as jarule and 50cent, plud he fixed relations between mark pavelich and stephane patry, so i decided to listen to this man.
the rest is history.


Can I still fight in Windsor night clubs, or just in the parking lots?


u call that fighting? I thought you were practicing Tai Chi?

LOL! The pacifist tracked me down.

Actually it was tae kwon do.