Pressure of rematch not good for GSP right now

St. Pierre has been a great champion although he has fought to not lose for some of his recent fights and I chalk that up to pressure of being a champ and wanting to stay champ with endorsements and all that is riding on defending the belt.

GSP is crying out for help that he needs break but likely does not want to really reveal how bad the pressure he feels it right now.

Reading about the former mgr suing for their cut of negotiated deals can take the motivation out of you if you are now having to pay someone begrudgingly for future fights and endorsements. If so then he cant afford to pay a cut to his current support system like he normally would.

I remember when Grand Funk Railroad got screwed by their former bandmate and Manager and cause they had such a raw deal they refused to put out records or tour in order not to let the former mgr continue to make money . Eventually the mgr. was convinced to renegotiate by a big record company taking over the contract who did a buyout.

GSP already has mentioning training elsewhere on his own, prob cause his former mgr Sharri now gets a cut of his PPV salaries according to article on Foxsports.

Let the guy have time to work things out. By actually not fighting and threatening to retire he might have more leverage with certain situations such as this possibly.


Look I love GSP - I even used his named to make up my derby name - but man, can we talk about something else now?

Isn't there another kick ass fight card coming up?