pretjah's predictions flame away!


Indianapolis 15-1

Tennessee 11-5

Jacksonville 6-10

Houston 3-13


New England 14-2

Buffalo 6-10

NY Jets 4-12

Miami 4-12


Pittsburgh 13-3

Baltimore 12-4

Cincinnati 10-6

Cleveland 9-7


Kansas City 10-6

Oakland 8-8

Denver 8-8

San Diego 5-11

AFC Playoffs

RD 1

BYE – Indianapolis

BYE – New England

Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee

Kansas City Vs Baltimore

RD 2

Indianapolis Vs Baltimore

New England Vs Pittsburgh

AFC Championship

Indianapolis Vs Pittsburgh


Philadelphia 10-6

Washington 10-6

Dallas 4-12

NY Giants 2-14


Tampa Bay 10-6

Carolina 8-8

Atlanta 7-9

New Orleans 7-9


Green Bay 9-7

Minnesota 9-7

Detroit 6-10

Chicago 5-11


Seattle 13-3

St Louis 9-7

Arizona 7-9

San Francisco 2-14

NFC Playoffs

RD 1

BYE – Seattle

BYE – Philadelphia

Tampa Bay vs. St. Louis

Green Bay Vs Washington

RD 2

Seattle Vs St Louis

Philadelphia Vs Green Bay

NFC Championship

Seattle Vs Philadelphia

Super Bowl

Pittsburgh Vs Philadelphia


Pittsburgh dont know how hard i struggled with picking a winner from the NFC there just is no super strong team.

i honestly think the top 5 or so teams are in the AFC right now


Indianapolis 12-4

Tennessee 12-4

Jacksonville 8-8

Houston 4-12


New England 12-4

Ny Jets 9-7

Buffalo 7-9

Miami 5-11


Baltimore 12-4

Cincinnati 9-7

Pittsburgh 8-8

Cleveland 5-11


Kansas City 10-6

Oakland 9-7

Denver 8-8

San Diego 3-13


Philadelphia 10-6

Washington 9-7

Dallas 9-7

NY Giants 5-11


Carolina 12-4

Atlanta 10-6

Tampa Bay 9-7

New Orleans 6-10


Minnesota 12-4

Green Bay 10-6

Detroit 7-9

Chicago 5-11


Seattle 10-6

St Louis 7-9

San Francisco 6-10

Arizona 4-12

AFC Championship

Colts Vs Ravens

NFC Championship

Panthers vs. Vikings

Panthers vs Colts in the Superbowl


Its amazing how much the AFC north has improved in one year according to Pretjah.One team with a winning record last year, now they have four.

yup pittsburgh was a good team but killed by offensive line injuries.

cinci is gaining the experience

and cleveland got alot more talented

The steelers problem last year was their Secondary and QB position...New year....Same problem.

The Browns have some new faces, but It will take time for them to gel.

My take - You both have Tennessee & Cincy rated a little high & possibly Denver a little low. It goes without saying that Pittsburgh won't win 13 games, much less a playoff game.

In the NFC I think you both have Tampa ranked too high and the Bears too low.

The Bears were 7-9 last year with almost no offense & using 3 different QBs. Not to mention their terrible offensive & defensive schemes. I can't see them taking a 3 game step back after adding a pro bowl DE and upgrading their O-line plus adding an offense that actually attempts to utilize the forward pass.

*edited to correct the Bears record for last year

Titans-No other team has won more games in the last five years.They lost some players but their Offense will be even more explosive than last year with Brown at the running back spot.On defense they have some great corners which will take some pressure of the D-line untill Jeff Fisher gets them playing well.They are still a Superbowl contender.

Bears-Im not sold on Grossman as a starting QB in the NFL and they have no playmakers on that team that I can think of to help him.They also play in the NFC north which IMO will be very tough this year.

I think Tennessee is going to be tough also--Chris Brown is a big upgrade over what they had last year with George, IMO. I don't think the loss of Kearse hurts too much since he was hurt half the time anyways.

Also, the Texans will certainly win more than 3 games, and the Browns will not even SNIFF 9 wins. They'll be lucky to only lose 11 this year.

Lastly, I too would expect Denver to win more than the 8 games you guys are giving them credit for.

Shadetree, I disagree about the Steelers. The Maddox was NOT the problem. No O-line was the problem. You have to look at the injuries last year. It got to a point where the Steelers were having guys play 2 different positions in the same game ... and then do it again the next game. The last three games of the year they finally found some consistancy. Can you say a 31st ranked running attack... from Pittsburg?!!

Add to that Cowher falling in love with the pass, Mularkey the town idiot doing things like calling a reverse on third and inches... ugh, makes for a loooong season.

Secondary concerns. Hmmm, hard to say at this point. Lots of youth (inexperience) but lots of speed. Will be a tough start but the talent is there to succeed in the long run.

I see playoffs (Baltimore has NO offense which may get worse if they lose Jamal... and the Steelers always do well against them, Cincy is a threat with an unproven QB, Cleveland is a mess) but I'm not as optimistic as Pretjah about the superbowl.

lg fries pay no attention to shadtree he has no clue about sports.

"lg fries pay no attention to shadtree he has no clue about sports."

Plz....Last year Pretjah said Steelers would be great.It didnt happen..He said this year his Pirates would win the Wild card.It didnt happen..Now the steelers will finish 13-3 because they picked up Duce Staley.Give me a break you trolls..Maddox got his shot at age 30 and had one dream year.Steelers will finish at 8-8 or 9-7 at best.And this comes with one of the easier schedules (30)in the NFL according to SI.

It might time for the steeler fans to clue themselves on reality.

I'd actually take 9-7 and the playoffs. Could happen considering the division and would be a helluva improvement over last year. Point still remains, healthy O-line = better QB play + better running game = more wins.

seriously shametree you don't understand football or never watched a steelers game if you think Tommy Maddux was the problem last year.

6-10 last year.. And I said their Secondary and the QB position was the problem in steeler land last year.

18 tds 17 ints and QB rating of 75.3

If those numbers arent a "problem", then I bow to your knowledge of the game.

Steeler fan here. I would be happy if the Steelers won 9 games this year. I wish the Rooney's would be more aggresive in the free agent market.

oh yeah, Chad Scott sucks!!!!!!!

mmmhh some intresting things

so far it looks like hawkeye was partially right

to high on cinci and tennesee and to low on Denver.

however my steelers are right on course!!

"so far it looks like hawkeye was partially right"

If Grossman hadn't gone down I would have been 100% right.

not bad i missed 3 of 12 playoff teams

nice prediction of the Jets going 4-12