Pretty epic prank was played on me..need help w..

I love the original pra k. OP got owned. Op, just sit back and let it sting fora long, long while. Wait before you move for revenge. The wait will make it sweeter. Phone Post 3.0

As stated above, just give up the number to the OG. It will be a land slide victory for you!!!

PitoZ - Some type of a revenge!

My buddy posted on Craigslist that I was moving and needed to get rid of a pingpong table..and I was giving it away for free!!

Needless to say, people in south Florida love free shit...104 phone calls and voicemails in 12 hours...even more texts

Help me og brothers!! Phone Post 3.0

post an ad in the gay sex section of craigslist for guys to just show up at his house

leave his number, address and everything


we did that in college to our friend.....hilarious

Ya, just post in the Male seeking Male section of Craigslist with his number.

PitoZ - Trying be different then the Craigslist stuff, kinda copy cat, this guy is good...he put a gay flag sticker on my Liscense plate, drove around for a month before I noticed Phone Post 3.0
I have a friend that is a graphic designer and had him make a i (heart) cock and a honk if you love cock as much as I do on an upside down rainbow colored sticker and placed them on his rear bumper. He didnt notice them for a good month. Phone Post 3.0

I had a friend do the same thing to me. He posted a picture on CL of my truck (not mine, but same make and model) and said me and my domestic partner were expanding our family and I needed something more economical. He listed it for 2K. My phone blew up all day and night.

To retaliate, I had a license plate frame made that said, "Bust a nut, In my butt".
All fun and games until his wife took his car to Babies R Us with her mom and discovered the frame when loading her stuff in the trunk.
If you do this, make sure the frame is similar to the one he already has.

We punked our roommate by signing up with one of the local Christian organizations. Those people would come by at least once every few weeks with brochures or looking to talk / pray with him. He never knew the source util years later when we told him at his wedding.

We also signed him up for numerous free samples over the internet and late night infomercial. Our mailbox was overflowing some days. The sample of "depends" really set him over the edge. That and the time we signed him up for a 'free' cleaning by the vacuum guys as Kirby.

I've been thinking about posting his number here, but it's too soon, he'll know it's me...gotta wait Phone Post 3.0

Blue Duck -
PitoZ - Trying be different then the Craigslist stuff, kinda copy cat, this guy is good...he put a gay flag sticker on my Liscense plate, drove around for a month before I noticed Phone Post 3.0

Lol. Had a buddy from work do something similar to me. He taped a poster to my passenger side door with full-on glitter lettering that said, "I'm here. I'm queer. I WILL NOT disappear!" Was on there for a couple days before a laughing stranger at a traffic light told me about it.

I got my revenge. He left his smokes on his desk. I took one out of the pack and stuck the filter in the crack of my ass (ok, maybe it was full-on inserted in the hole, but I ain't sayin') and took a picture in his office with the pack of smokes on his desk in the foreground. Waited a couple of days and showed him the picture. Gagging and hilarity ensued. I let him stew on that for the rest of the day before I told him I trashed the butt-smoke (ok, maybe I smoked it myself, but I ain't sayin').

OP, this guys sounds good. You might not want to push it to DEFCON 1 and just let sleeping dogs lie.
This dude is real good it's a vack in forth thing, we work in an er...

I placed a urine cup in his backpack w the date December 17th 2013...he traveled to the Bahamas in February 2014, found it at the airport Phone Post 3.0

Post the kind of CL AD that Sweaterofabsolutevictory would post. Phone Post 3.0

the fake facebook one is good but it needs to go a step further....



fake facebook account - make him gay

fake tinder account - make him gay

on tinder put his phone number in the profile


if you dont mind spending some money and he lives in the same area as his parents but not at home with them a very very very mean one to do but extremely effective


is subscribe him to some incest magainze and over 50 woman's magazine and have them delivered to his parents address in his name.

another thing to do is


make a fake facebook account for some sleaze guy and girl and friend him on facebook


once he accepts the friendship make a fake swingers profile for him and then post a link to his profile on his facebook page asking him when he wants to meat up

This happened to me once, I had fun with the callers lol Phone Post 3.0

Ttt for night shift Phone Post 3.0