Pretty feet on girls

My thing is watching my wife's toes curl during sex! Pretty feet are a must! Phone Post

lawrenceofidaho - 
Shahanshah - LOL@ these weirdos.

are gross feet/hands okay with you?

what about hair next?

the feet are part of the ENTIRE package.

war pretty Feet



 Agrees with OP

 This my friends, 

I cannot fap to.

Subbed! Phone Post

 I like pretty feet. Fugly ass feet arent a dealbreaker for me. I have dated a former ballarina and her feet were fucked. My wife did ballet and played collegiate soccer and competes in BJJ, at first I thought she had ugly feet but now I think they're cute.


Are the pictures posted (except for Naderhood's) examples of pretty feet? Because those would fall into the "normal" category for me.

Foot fetish is so fucking weird. To hell with that!

But to OP's question, yes an otherwise good looking girl with ugly feet would not do it for me (for GF material that is - for a quick one she can keep socks/shoes on!).

only time a notice a chicks feet i if:

1) their boobs are so nice I keep getting yelled at for stairing

2) she's so ugly I can look at her

weird fetish

 What if the feet I posted were attached to this?

I'm completely ok with this thread.

Yeah, I don't get how people don't care about feet. Is it the most important feature on a girl? Obviously not, but when you live with a girl, you're going to see those bare feet quite a bit.

Nothing sexier than a beautiful foot in a sexy shoe.

I like pretty feet :-)

i'm the foot fuckin' master.

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LOVE well taken care of feet & toes. Summertime & flip flops... Phone Post

Pretty feet are a MUST!

The feet are a microcosm of the body.

If the feet are clean, pretty, trimmed, well kept, you can be assured the rest of the body will be so as well.

For the foot enthusiast, summertime is like walking around in a strip club.