Pretty much in love with this chick

My kind of chick

Watch video is always hot Phone Post 3.0

you love attention whores that are oblivious to their narcissism?

----> Phone Post 3.0

If a girl has a side of her head shaved, she does anal. If she has both sides shaved, she's fucking crazy.

this is another good one, she talks about Game of Thrones.

OP you have quality taste sir.

surprised she didn't like the movie more as it is full of douchy hipster characters at all.


she was pretty good at ripping up the POS prometheus garbage.


oh, hey the engineers were all mad about jesus dying. i guess they did not understand anything about chrsitianiy and the whole "one of you will betray me" and all that stuff.


and she said she believes half the stuff on ancient aliens? retard

Man, she is annoying.

Why is that somewhat cute girl ruining herself by looking and acting like a douche?

Nerd glasses and punker hair. How ironic.