prevent spyware, pop ups

The official release of Mozilla 1.7 just came out.'s an open source full Internet application suite, with browser, mail, and some other junk no one uses.The browser has built in pop up blocking. It is immune to common spyware because there is no ActiveX, so your browser can't install programs. Of course you still have the burden not to actively download and install stupid things.For power users it has built in management of cookies, forms, and passwords that is more configurable than that of IE. It has a javascript debugger and a DOM inspector.The mail client has built in spam filtering.It's trivial to migrate from IE. The interface is very similar, and it has all the same functionality and more. Spyware and popups will be a thing of the past. The latest version is both significantly faster and smaller than the last version, which are two things you almost never see at the same time in most software. And the last version was pretty good.IE is riddled with security holes. Just by going to certain sites, you can have your computer compromised, even without clicking on anything. And because IE is integrated so tightly into the operating system, usually any hole in IE is a serious one.Say goodbye to spyware and popups. Say hello to Mozilla, bitches.

The bitches part is not snide techno-elitist condescenscion, but rather a reference to an episode of the popular Chappelle's show wherein Wayne Brady introduces him to some prostitutes.

Mozilla Firebird 0.9

Mozilla Firefox 0.9 owns!

It's such a trivial thing but I would seriously like Firebird/Firefox so much better if it had the google search feature built into where the pate URL is, like in regular Mozilla. That second entry field to the right just bugs me cause I use the URL field in Mozilla so often

I've been using Mozilla since v1.5. One reason I don't use Firefox/Tbird is that you can set Mozilla to have the mail and browser clients open automatically at the same time. Saves you two whole clicks per day.

Time to Dump Internet Explorer

I fucking hate spyware. I spent an hour Monday combing through HijackThis logs and my registry trying to rid my machine of this shizzle.

ttt, for more mozilla pushing.

i still use IE for the most part, i never have trouble with security, spyware etc... guess not surfing helps abit hehehe