Preventing Whizzer in Half Guard

Is there a good way of preventing your opponent getting a deep overhook/whizzer when you are on the bottom of the half guard? This seems a bad situation since the guy on the bottom can no longer threaten with taking the back.

Also, once it happens, what is a good move when he has the whizzer and spralls his hips back?

(in this case I can't take back, roll under him or do the 'go to knees double leg tackle'.)

You might try the following:
(you are on your right side so he has whizzer on your left arm and you are trapping his right leg, monkey hook on his right arm)

Grab his belt / gi with your left arm; put the left leg inside his right leg and bridge and roll him to your left. Aid with the monkey hook OR grab his pants with the right hand and help the roll BUT watch out for the crossface. His only way to defend is to release the whizzer and post the arm. Voila - there's your underhook. Watch out for the crossface.

Remember this: in halfguard (no matter top or bottom) the whizzer immobilizes and limits movements of BOTH players (yet giving more control to taker of whizzer).

In this situation, I would grab his free foot with my non-underhooking arm and behind his other leg's upper thigh with my underhooking arm. I pull with both arms and now I have good control of his hips and he has poor base. You can do a lot of things from here. For example, check out some of my recent half guard threads on this forum and the JKD forum.

To make it more difficult for him to whizzer you keep your elbow tight against your ribs.

If you want to get your left free from his whizzer try putting your left knee in his hip, arching a bit to create distance, and then circling your arm out.

If your opponent has a deep strong whizzer on you be careful: he might be trying to go for one of several chokes, including in gi and no gi.

Just try to sweep him to the side he has the whizzer on. He will either get swept or let go to post his arm.

Yao is on the right course. Trap his wrist to your own body, grab under the untrapped leg and switch your hips under him. Guaranteed sweep.

Andrew is absolutely correct, if they whizzer your arm, they are asking to be swept. In fact, you can return the favor, whizzer them instead then sweep the same way.

Was my description really too sofisticated that you couldn't understand that I said the same thing as Andrew earlier only that I used one paragraph and he one sentence?:)

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Thanks for the replies.

But I really don't see how i can sweep him, since he has all his weight (and untrapped leg) sprawled back.

Any thoughts?

The sweep the guys are talking about can be very difficult to do if he is sprawled back.

I like to set that sweep up by fighting to get to my knees and take his back (even if he already has the whizzer). Now he will try to whizzer your face into the ground and that is when you dive underneath him and nail the sweep.

If they have a wizzer I'd nearly always go for what Andrew and the others suggest, sweep him to your rear or take back if he posts.

If he has that leg sprawled back like you say I'd just get guard.


I do as Stephen Kesting says. A good opponent will often sprawl and then try to choke the hell out of you so you have to be careful, esp if you are not big.

As long as you have a good paw then NO choking out...
I find it if he has his hips sprawled back then itäs fairly easy to sweep him to side. Also this might be an option to put a hook in.

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