PREVIEW -- Des Moines -- April 20

Tristan Yunker

Alonzo "Zo Diddy" Martinez

Come and watch these two warriors battle it out in the 30' Circle cage. April 20th. Go to for more details.

I'll be there either covering the event or judging.


Can't wait to see Burns return to the cage!



I'll be there either covering the event or judging.

Out of curiosity...what events have you judged?  What is your background that has made you a judge of an MMA event?

Very good question sir.


hawk. you should get with bott. he has judged more fights than almost anyone i know.


Please, please tell me you are not going to announce with the tongue ring in. I heard you announce once with it in and it sounded like you had a cock in your mouth. Maybe you had just got it but it sounded really bad.

This show is 2 weeks out and the only fight they have set is Stephens VS ZO. What's the deal? I heard alot of other names are suppose to be on the card but no one has any opponents yet. Mouth are you actually throwing the show with Sully and Ted?

I have never had a tongue ring...

And no I'm not putting the show on. I'm doing commentary.

So it was an actual cock in your mouth then?


Pretty sure it was you at the XKK in MN. I could be wrong. You sounded like you had a bad lisp. Maybe the mic? Anyways sounded bad. Good luck though. Any ideas when they will be releasing the rest of the card? Not really any information on their website either.

Im trying to get them to give me something I can work with..... but I have nothing so far.

If it was an XKK and it was in MN it was 3 years ago. Things have changed,.


Why haven't you done a GreenSparks or MCC event yet? They are the top dogs in Des Moines.

Greensparks doesn't want to pay me what i want last time I chatted with one of them... and MCC wants me to do color commentary on Mediacom for them.

From what I hear GreenSparks pays better then the MCC(fighters). Wonder why they wouldn't want to pay you what you wanted?

Some shows don't think having a good announcer matters.

All eyes of the beholder thing.