Preview: MMA in Amherst, MA

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Neo Blood Fight Night

Saturday, May 6 from the Mullins Center in Amherst, MA

Promoter Todd Foote is trying to make an impression in MassMMA fans with Neo Blood Fight Night, featuring some of the fresh talent that the Bay State has to offer. Now I know what you're thinking – Amherst. Yeah, it's a pretty long, boring drive, and there's nothing to do up there. Tickets are dirt-cheap though, and the fights are the conclusion to an all-day event featuring power-lifting competitions and a female hot-body bikini contest. The Mullins Center is also a venue equipped to house a sporting event – so fighters will actually get to warm up in locker rooms, not some curtained-off backstage in a club. Word is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is being flown to do color commentary for the event, and a ring announcer from Las Vegas is also being flown in for the show. Normally I critique this sort of hemorrhaging of cash – but with a plethora of college students without much else to do besides binge drink, I am almost certain attendance for this event will be pretty good. That being said, I am also almost certain that this event will get some sort of negative attention from some college kid getting the shit kicked out of him by someone who trains and gets sick of hearing him bitch about the "two guys hugging on the ground." But I digress....

Assisting Foote with this event is matchmaker extraordinaire Mike Littlefield. This preview is going to...

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Nicely done..


Joe, Thanks for the post but like I said from my original post about the event, I am not the promoter. I am just trying to help out as much as I can. Dave Cosnotti from Brand33 and Bruce Derosier are the promoters but thank you for the article. If you do not have your pass call me at work 508-885-3686. Again thanks

but I am the "matchmaker extraordinaire" (I had to sound that last word out)

ttt for todd being the next Ma promoter

hahah mike lit....well you spelled it right :)


The Jello will work....side Joke. Hope to see everyone there.....

Yes. The Jello WILL work.


see you guys there....massmma will have exceptional coverage of this event...

Wanted to have a jello match for the ring card girls.

for jello wrestling

Hope I am fighting.

Finally an event only 40 minutes from where I live and I can't make it. Good luck to the fighters.

170 lb needed. 0-0-0 opponent

edited to correct record

James Mead...isn't that James McNally?

From the Savage - "Hope I am fighting."

Yep, what flavored Jello do you want to use?


The savage wants meat flavored Jello.