PREY: Predator Vs Indians?


Only on Hulu.

CGI bears get no respect, just like in Revenant.

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Indians are amazing! These gentle noble savage hippy warriors will own the Preydator!


They have ruined this franchise. They should have let it die after Predator 2.


There is an ongoing thread about this…


Predator and Predator 2 are the only 2 Predator movies that exist in my world.

Predators is pretty cool. I dig it.


Better than Indians?

Have yet to watch Prey. But the trailer doesn’t look that good, I hope I’m wrong though!

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Cool original story for an existing franchise. Terrible execution by making a tiny female Native American woman the hero. Native warriors were cool as fuck. Didn’t really need to make the badass warrior a 110 lb beautiful woman.

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So your opinion is it went woke?

Gonna watch this weekend… yours is the first thing I’ve read.

Man they like to shoehorn chicks into roles that they just couldn’t do.

I did Muay Thai against a little chick a few weeks ago. No good match ups, not many in class, so we paired up. I suck, and it was a complete joke. As bad as I am, if I went with 20% effort, I think I could have teeped her 8 feet across the room. The chicks in action movies thing is not believable, and chicks are not exactly buying tickets to see action movies. Fuck Hollywood.

It has the suspense, production and acting quality of a high school play. But I’m only halfway in so maybe it gets better.